We ensure:

  • Suitable and clean facilities
  • Good food and water on a daily basis (7 days a week)
  • Daily availability of minerals
  • Daily inspection of the birds
  • If required, professional medical attention by  a veterinarian
  • Clear and honest information

Mortality and reimbursement

Despite the low mortality rate, it still occurs. If a bird dies under our supervision, we will:

  • Send an expiry report by e-mail to all parties involved (if the e-mail adresses are known to us)
  • Remove the footring in its entirety and forward it or return it. If a bird does not have its own footring, a photo will be send by e-mail as proof (if the e-mail adresses are know to us)
  • Issue a credit note for our charge that can be deducted from the initial invoice. If the initial invoice has already been paid, the credit note can be deducted from any future invoice or we will deposit the balance to the account of the party responsible for payment

Egg policy

When hens lay eggs during the period of our supervision, the eggs will be removed and destroyed.