About us

Dutch Quarantine and Veterinary Service is the first professional  pre export quarantine organization in Europe.

Pre export quarantine is a delicate matter.
We understand what  it’s all  about.  It’s not without  reason that countries  of destination require pre export quarantine and additional tests. They want to ensure that NO dangerous or infectious bird diseases are imported into the country of destination.        

To ensure safety, we perform at the highest level possible.            
Dr. Elly Schlossberger, our full time veterinarian,  is responsible for the health of the birds. All necessary  equipment and medicines are available. Our protocols are in place and with our 45 years of experience with birds,  we ensure the best circumstances possible during the pre-export quarantine.

Testing and treatments,
are executed by dr. Elly Schlossberger.  During the whole pre export quarantine she will be supervised by the Dutch state veterinarian service ( NVWA ).  After the required pre export quarantine period and when complied to all the regulations, the NVWA will issue the final health certificate.

Transport to destination.
To get the birds safely across, we are using one of the most experienced specialized forwarders in the field,  Animals To Fly at Amsterdam airport.